Freewill Faithful

Emerging R&B singer Freewill has just released his new single “Faithful”. The soulful song embodies what love is; honest, real, and from the heart.

The song is the first offering from his upcoming EP “Let’s Talk” which is set to release on April 26th. He adds about the song:

“The world may be on fire, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things in the world to still feel good about. Whether you’re religious or not you must agree that real love is faithful and in these times it’s the only thing that gives us hope.”

Freewill’s sound is nostalgic but relevant as he offers a message of love with his new music. Rooted in Gospel, you can clearly hear a mixture of neo soul, contemporary r&b, and jazz in the singer’s slightly raspy baritone voice.

His music caries a deep message and one that is relatable to everyone listening. Stay tuned for the EP when it releases next month.