Ginuwine Live BB Kings Jul 2012

New Music: Ginuwine “Hate To Love” (Produced by Timbaland)

Ginuwine BB Kings 2012-7

We saw the reunion of Ginuwine and Timbaland in 2009 with the song “Get Invoved”, but that wasn’t the only song they worked on during those studio sessions. Here is a song that unfortunately did not make the cut for Ginuwine’s “A Man’s Thoughts” album. The song currently remains unreleased.


  • Donchichi says:

    Defiantly better thank Get involved, but he also did another track Called Lap Dance where is That one hiding? i think they are the best combination Timbaland Ginuwine Static out of the whole Basement Crew. i wanna hear the Bachelor & 100% Tracks that didn’t make the album (those interludes) especially the first single for 100% that don’t know what happened to it (forgot the name of it).

    anyway hook us up with the full version of Hate to Love ya

    • Buddha says:

      I don’t think “Lap Dance” actually exists. It was never confirmed anywhere and the only time I saw of that title was on Ginuwine’s wikipedia page. I’ll keep you posted if anything pops up though. I agree though, I wanna hear some more songs from G’s first two albums.

    • M says:

      Hell yeah, i wanna hear that to. Wondering about that little interlude after Holler.