IAmChelseaIAm Nice Guys Lie

IAmChelseaIAm has been one of our favorite local emerging R&B singers to follow over the past few years. A raw and amazing talent, we’ve pretty much been blown away with everything she has sent our way.

Her latest single “Nice Guys Lie” is no different. The soulful new song touches on a topic most of us know all too well; a relationship gone wrong.

The singer adds about the creation of the song:

Some songs take a longer than others to write. This song in particular seemed to write itself. “Nice Guys Lie” came to me as I was sitting on the couch one morning, reflecting on a dating relationship and how it all seemed to go wrong.

IAmChelseaIAm had recently caught our attention with her single “Hurt People II”, which ended up on our Top 100 R&B Songs of 2018 list.

Stay tuned for a new project from IAmChelseaIAm which should hopefully be out later this year.