Jonas All Systems Go

Danish soul pioneer Jonas has just released his new EP called “All Systems Go”.

The new project contains five all new songs that have been stored in his vault for years. The pandemic gave Jonas a chance to finish the songs and present them to the world.

Songs on the EP include topics like standing together against injustice, dreaming about a better world, and resisting the forces that try to divide us. He adds:

“”All Systems Go” is about going against a system that is trying to make us hate each other. There’s more money and power in playing us out against each other. Let’s not fall for that. I have come to the realization of what defines my sound. I no longer have to doubt what it is, or try to please anyone. My music is coming from a place of being mature, and mostly deals with love. Acceptance of love, loving yourself and your fellow humans”.

You can also check out the video for the EP’s title track below.