We’ve been following DC bred, NYC based singer Justo Ontario for years now. He caught up our attention with his unique style and sound, and dynamic vocals and we’ve been captivated ever since. This all culminated with him performing at our Sol Village R&B Showcase some years ago.

The singer has now returned with a smooth new R&B love song called “Forever Alive”. Justo conceptualized the song as him running away with a special girl and escaping the reality and responsibilities of adulting. You might even catch some Queen and Slim vibes.

The singer croons over the chorus with the lyrics: Can we live off the high tonight?/Laugh and cry til the Sun come dries our tears’/Ain’t no way ima die tonight/Not with you in my arms, Forever Alive.

Justo released his self titled debut EP a few years back, and now the anticipation begins towards the next project!