Kemi Sulola Raindrops

UK based singer Kemi Sulola returns from a musical hiatus with her impactful new single “Raindrops”. The song is giving us serious 90’s vibes with its light melody, soulful tone and hitting beat provokes that old school feeling and emotion to get you thinking about life’s unexpected moments.

The song takes Kemi’s fans and listeners alike on a reminiscent journey, exploring the concept of going through moments in life being like walking through endless rain, but knowing that it is for a time, and the rain will eventually stop.

Writing from a personal experience the song is very close to heart, but as we all have our moments in life we can all relate. As such Kemi writes Raindrops for us all. Kemi’s genuine passion for making honest, feel good music stems from her musical influences which range from Neo-Soul, R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop and Jazz. All of which motivate her as she continues experimenting with a combination of unique, authentic

She is currently working on new music and projects for the new year!