Lendon James Aint It

Lendon James is a true artist, singer, songwriter, producer, musician, performer and entertainer who takes pride in playing instruments and writing his own material while perfecting his smooth, yet powerful vocal arrangements. James is a shining new R&B/Soul star that’s changing the music industry’s standards of what an artist-musician-performer is and should be.

In the new ballad “Aint It” from Lendon James, he peels back layers to discover that what was thought to be green grass was just a green light shining on brown grass. The time has come to find greener pastures! \

Ain’t It features the Hip-Hop brilliance of Da Public’s Eye, while carrying an extremely emotional all-vocal, R&B/Soul version, Ain’t It (2.0), as well as a bonus version. James adds the following about his music:

“I like to think of my music as a total body experience; music for the heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. My vision is to create the soundtrack of life, love and relationships…the pursuit of happiness!”