LuLu What If

Raised in Sweden, and with an ethnic background from Eritrea, Lulu fell in love with a variety of different genres including country, blues, pop, soul & r&b, from a very early age. In 2007 she started her music career in Stockholm and relocated to New York City later on that year.

Here she worked with a variety of different producers and musicians, collaborated with local singers and songwriters, as well as performed at local shows, including Village Underground, The Nuyorican Café, and Cake Man Raven’s Anniversary show; all in the quest to perfect her craft. It was during this time she fully developed her unique and sultry sound.

Her anticipated debut EP, “What If”, gives us a glimpse of her different styles and explores the different facets of self-love in the form of a monologue with self. This Swedish songstress is entering the music scene with one thing in mind; she wants her work to speak for itself.