Marshall Knights’ eagerly awaited debut solo project, The Marshall Knights Experience, will be released in January 2015. He describes the project as a compilation of life lessons he’s learned, his prayer to God, and a representation of what he hopes to bring to the world. Created to cross boundaries between musical genres; The Marshall Knights Experience will showcase his musical talents as a musician, writer, singer, rapper, producer, and most of all, artist. Through this powerful musical collection, Marshall hopes to spark new thoughts, inspire new conversation, cause people to think about the music they consume, and move people to action. Marshall counts Miles Davis, Curtis Mayfield, Earth, Wind & Fire, Quincy Jones, and Michael Jackson amongst the list of his musical inspirations. He has been described as a “musical maven,” and his sound has been likened to a cross breed of Seal, Ceelo, and DeAngelo. “Anointed,” “high energy,” “fresh,” “intense,” “riveting,” “passionate,” and “prolific” are just a few words that have been used to describe the music he creates. From the enlightening track, God Particle, to the sweet and simple, Love Song, The Marshall Knights Experience is guaranteed to be out of this world!