Mike City I Rock Wit U

A celebrated writer/producer in multiple genres, Mike City is at the cutting edge of a new progressive retro sound in R&B dance. The Feel Good Movement is a series of albums put out through his, Unsung Records, features 80s inspired R&B dance grooves created with the soul intent to inspire happy feelings and good time memories that make you want to dance. Spear-headed by the producer who help tailor a sound in R&B that generates happy feelings through timeless classics, The Feel Good Movement is an alternative for music lovers who love the chords and musicality of R&B, rooted in contemporary dance tempo and rhythms. A collection of music to be release in a series of albums will feature new music from Mike City as an artist alongside friends including Faith Evans, Carl Thomas, Teedra Moses, and more introducing a new groove to a familiar feeling.

The first single from The Feel Good Movement is “I Rock With U” featuring Dwele.