Moonchild is back with their brand new single “Too Good”. The Neo Soul group delivers another soulful and smooth record with beautiful vocals from lead singer Amber Navran.

The new single is set to appear on their upcoming album “Starfruit” which is set to come out next year. The project will be the follow up to the 2019 album “Little Ghost”.

We spoke to the group back in 2018 about their love for Neo Soul music. This is what Max had to say about their evolving sound:

All three of us just love listening to music. When we heard Neo Soul and soul music around the time we were in college, we were obsessed. We all have this sponge-like characteristic where whatever we’re listening to, we absorb it over time. So for the past ten years, we’ve been listening to soul music and we just absorbed what it’s all about with the grooves and chords. We’re just trying to write something new with that.