SINGLTN Never Dreamed Youd Leave in Summer

Check out this dynamic cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer” by emerging artist SINGLTN. On what inspired him to create this cover, he adds:

“Stevie was one of the artists that inspired me to sing,” he goes on. “I wanted to do a tribute paying homage to him and his legacy. For me “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer” is Stevie at his best, covering a wide range of emotions in a heartfelt ballad.”

After working with everyone from Beyonce and Josh Groban, he is set to follow up this performance with his debut in 2020. The project will contain a style that is all his own and motivated by an unfiltered personal vision.

SINGLTN originally began in music serving as a background vocalist for the likes of Alicia Keys, John Mayer, and Jennifer Hudson. He notably backed Josh Groban everywhere from Good Morning America to late night television. Beyoncé also eventually selected him as a performer.

In 2018, he formally dove into crafting his first original music. He explains:

“I wanted to take my experiences and create lasting songs people can relate to and remember. I’m talking about real relationships. I’m part of the creative process from scratch. It’s a universal, but soulful sound that hopefully appeals to everybody.”

In addition to taking the reins creatively, SINGLTN also launched his own label, RB4 Entertainment. After persevering through difficult and unreasonable deals early in his career, he decided to start the company in order to house and release his music and “maintain full creative control.”

In the end, SINGLTN hopes to provide a message as powerful and personal as his voice. Stay tuned for much more!