Teedra Moses Skin Diver

In a move that typically unites worlds, Ancestral Soul father Boddhi Satva, teams up with singer/ songwriter Teedra Moses on his next single ‘Skin Diver’, a ground-breaking collaboration taken from Boddhi’s sophomore album “Transition”.

Since her 2004 debut album “Complex Simplicity” Boddhi has been a fan of Teedra Moses, famous for her own classic R&B songs such as ‘Be Your Girl’, not to mention her noteworthy collaborations with the likes of Rick Ross, Raphael Saadiq, Christina Milian and Mary J. Blige among others.

‘Skin Diver’ is the first official collaboration of Teedra Moses with Electronic music. The perfect crossover between Afro centric rhythms and modern R&B. Boddhi and Mr. de Shada are providing a twist to every version of the song. A twist which will at once seduce, uplift and delight any dance floor.