The Shindellas Aint That The Truth

The Weirdo Workshop serves up the latest offering from their girl group band The Shindellas with the new single “Ain’t That The Truth.” The song is a follow up to their recently released song “Reconsider”, and is another fun, shoulder shimmying song promoting self-love and empowerment.

The lyrics play out: “We ain’t all bitches and hoes/ we ain’t all strippers on poles/ we need to take that control/ he ain’t gonna love you if you don’t really love you /Ain’t That The Truth!”

The three-part harmony girl band made up of Stacy Johnson, Tamara Williams, and Kasi Jones, is the brainchild of multi-Grammy nominated songwriting-production team Louis York a.k.a. Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly, who also wrote and produced both “Reconsider” and “Ain’t That The Truth.”