Tina Mazyck Honestly

Allow us to introduce you to The Bronx based artist Tina Mazyck. Check out two of the singer’s standout tracks on “Keep It Real” and “Honestly”.

Her music is giving us serious 90’s vibes so we just had to do a feature on her for the site. Tina’s blend of beautiful vocals and relatable lyrics makes her really one to pay attention to.

Based on what we’re hearing from her so far, it’s no surprise she was influenced by the likes of Aaliyah, Beyonce, Patti LaBelle, and Mariah Carey. She recently released her first album “Honestly” which you can find both of these songs on.

In a surprising twist, Tina actually studied opera and musical performance prior to returning to her first love of R&B music. Perhaps most impress is that she writes, sings, and co-produces all of her own music.

Stay tuned for much more from Tina Mazyck!