Zenesoul Brown Sugar EP Cover

Emerging Canadian songstress Zenesoul has just released her latest EP called “Brown Sugar”. This is the follow up to her sophomore project “Coffee” which released last Summer.

In her own words, Zenesoul explains the EP:

“In a world filled with bitterness and heart break, ‘Brown Sugar’ is the sweet side of love. The ingredient that makes coffee more tolerable. Whether love is a fantasy or not, I’m on a journey to find out, and I am manifesting the type of love I want in my life, instead of drowning in my painful experiences”.

You’ll find a wide range of sounds on this project from traditional soul to neo-soul to 90’s inspired R&B. Zenesoul goes on to further explain the inspiration behind the project:

“This is a special project for me. ‘Brown Sugar’ has been in the works since my last release ‘Coffee’, and I am so excited for the world to finally experience it. This project is the positive vibes I feel we all really needed this pandemic. ‘Brown Sugar’ is me not settling for anything less than the love I deserve, while being realistic in the energy I send out into the world. I hope the EP can help us all find this love and most importantly, help us win in the biggest relationship, with ourselves.”

Check out the “Brown Sugar” EP today!