Bobby V. returns with the video for his latest single Big Booty Judy.

The song was included on his recently released album “Hollywood Hearts”. The album served as a soundtrack to a film he starred in of the same name, which aired late last year.

When we spoke to Bobby about the album in an interview around the time of its release, he told us about the progressive route he aimed to take with it.

I feel like this album right here is like a futuristic…this is what r&b should be at right now. No disrespect to Usher and all of these guys, but I guarantee this is the hottest r&b album of 2016. People have put out some great r&b albums, but this album right here, this is the blueprint of where r&b should be going. The direction of it is amazing, I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. I look at it as futuristic r&b.

In addition, Bobby V. had been on the Kings of Love Tour alongside his peers J. Holiday and Pleasure P.