Although Brandy’s social media presence has been stronger than ever, her music career has been rather quiet. Everyone had assumed that Brandy’s hiatus to the fact that she was focusing on other avenues like acting and performing on Broadway, but it turns out she’s been in a legal battle with her former record label. Ever since the release of her last album “Two Eleven”, Brandy’s label situation has been a mystery.

It appears now that Brandy will be releasing music independently through her SLAYANA label. The first song to come from her imprint is “Beggin & Pleadin”. She just premiered the music video for the song today. No word on when the album is coming out, but we wrote an article not too long ago to talk about what we would like to hear from Brandy on her new album.

Brandy will be hitting the road in June as she begins her “Slayana World Tour” in the UK.