Check out the video for Grammy Nominated artist Carolyn Malachi’s latest single “Blowing Smoke”. “Blowing Smoke”, a song that reminds us that self-inspiration is an important part of everyday life. Carolyn Malachi releases this visual inspired by family gatherings, hand dancing and natural hair. Directed by Milton Walker of Walking House, the video is an inspiring work of art, serving as an example of the power we hold in our personal success.

The song is included on the artist’s highly anticipated EP “Chapter 1: Where You Are” which has also just released and is available now on all digital formats. The project combines elements of Jazz, R&B, Spoken Word and GoGo sounds all blend together; the common denominator being Carolyn’s sultry vocals.

“Chapter 1: Where You Are” takes listeners on a musical journey narrated by Carolyn’s great grandfather, who happens to be the legendary jazz pianist John Malachi. This project is the first in a series of music she will release leading up to her full album to release in November.