Check out the new video from singer/songwriter Chanelle Gray for her latest single “Glass N Me”.

The singer comes from a legendary musical pedigree and has a personalized sound known as ‘Street Soul.’ The genre is the self-defined sound of the South London, U.K. native. Gray will captivate listeners with sultry melodies and genre blending rhythms.

Coming from a family with a diverse musical background, Chanelle’s earliest musical memories were imitating her mother, singer and renowned DJ ‘Lady Gem’ of Vibes FM radio based in London, England. She also admired her grandfather, Owen Gray, who is one of Jamaica’s ‘foundation’ singers and is cited as the country’s first home-grown singing star.

It did not take long for Chanelle to test her musical traits. She credits Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Sade, and Bob Marley as influences that shaped her sound. Chanelle’s blend of R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae with hints of Jazz and Rock is the perfect musical cocktail. Her heartfelt lyrics, effortless charisma, and suave stage presence comes natural to a woman from a musical pedigree. With a profound love for music Chanelle’s ‘Street Soul’ will cultivate positive vibrations from New York City to South London.