Legendary r&b signer Charlie Wilson has just released the video for his latest single “I’m Blessed” featuring rapper T.I.

The song was included on his most recently released album “In It to Win It” and was inspired by his personal battle with prostate cancer.

“In It To Win It” released in February 2017, and made a strong impact on the Billboard Charts. That was partly due to the fact that Wilson, in a unique and strategic move, gave away a copy o his album to anyone who pre-order tickets to his tour.

When we reviewed the album during the week of it’s release, we noted it for it’s high quality.

With a career that has spanned four decades and a life story made for the best biopic in BET history, Uncle Charlie Wilson has seen – and lived – it all. So instead of adding to the doom and gloom, Charlie uses his eighth solo album to uplift heavy hearts. In It To Win It isn’t just Charlie’s personal mantra – it’s a reminder that listeners can persevere too.