Cherri V Swimming

Emerging British r&b/soul singer Cherri V has just released the visual for her latest single “Swimming” featuring Birmingham rapper RoxXxan. The singer kicked off the year with the new song, which was produced by Asylum 33, and the video sees Cherri V and RoxXxan bringing a more relaxed and organic visual element to the experimental R&B offering. In the video, they party among friends, while Cherri V gets to know her leading man, without the usual pressures that come with meeting someone new.

Speaking especially about those pressures, and how her ‘Swimming’ music video speaks directly to those real life situations we all face when looking for love, Cherri V explains, “There’s nothing like meeting a guy through friends, ones who can vouch for him and give you that casual introduction. No pressure, just friends amongst friends, getting familiar in a relaxed setting”.

Expanding on the inspiration for her ‘Swimming’ visuals, Cherri V adds, “I’m glad Asylum 33 (who produced the video) were able to capture that house party relaxed feel. I also wanted to take a little more of a casual approach for this video, compared to ‘Leave Me Be’, and shove my real friends in front of the camera lol. The shots in the pool were a highlight for me! I’m really proud of this visual”.