Danielle Helena Falling

Thanks to a post on the ever powerful Humans Of NY, we recently came across amazing New York based singer Danielle Helena. The singer/songwriter is the epitome of an artist on the grind; handmaking soap and candles to sell online along with other odd jobs to support her craft.

While we appreciate her hustle, she’s also more than deserving of a feature on our site because she’s super talented. Check out her video for her single “Falling” and find out for yourself.

The song was included on the singer’s debut album “Like Sunrise” which released back in 2016. She also released her debut mixtape “Her Aftermath” in 2014 which included a compilation of four Dr. Dre beats set to her lyrics.

This excerpt from her official site perfectly exemplifies who she is:

All my life I wrote my feelings in journals, and now I’ve worked up the strength to sing about them on stages around the world. My music comes from an authentic space, and I wish to share it in an honest way. The music is real and comes from my heart, and I do what I love because I can’t not do it. So sing with me… sway with me…enjoy the music; enjoy the love; and spread it always…

You can read more about Danielle on her official site and support her business. These types of artists deserve our support!