Grammy Award winning singer Elijah Blake has just released a six and a half minute short film for his single “Forget You: Voices in my Head”. The video is the final installment from his mixtape “Blueberry Vapors” which he released earlier in 2016.

The visual offers tons of creative ambiguity in effort to reflect the daily thoughts in Blake’s head left by a captivating lover who is now seemingly apart of Blake’s past. Shot during a spontaneous trip to Japan with video director Sean Alexander, “Forget You: Voices In My Head” captures the genuine essence of Japanese fashion and culture – pulling you into a world so mystical and nostalgic.

Elijah had the following to add about creating the video:

“With the influx of streaming and video content amongst us millennials it’s so easy to get lost in the redundancy of a lot of the recent visuals from our favorite artists and creative peers. You start to believe all the great ideas have already been done before or the current state of hip hop soul doesn’t allow new artists freedom or financial support to execute ideas as iconic as the 90’s Missy, Busta, Tlc & MJ era. One day my director (Sean Alexander) and I were sitting back thinking how crazy would it be to just hop on a plane with no crew, no plan, no restrictions and be forced to pull from whatever culture we stumble upon. 3days later we were headed to Japan with just his camera and neither one of us spoke a lick of their native tongue lol… But we came up with this piece with the help of some friends we made along the way and I’m very proud of it.”