Goapele Secret

Fresh off the heels of her new EP, Dreamseeker, Goapele gifts us with a seductive new video for the standout track, “$ecret.”

Adorned in fashions from the Bad Butterfly Collection, a new womenswear collaboration by Project Runway finalist, Candice Cuoco, and Growing Up Hip Hop’s Vanessa Simmons, Goapele boldly explores her sultry and sensual side. Directed by Sean Alexander, the video includes fishnets, an albino snake, and a sexy male muse.

Produced by CrakWav and with a nod to Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody”, Goapele has a secret to tell with this hypnotizing bedroom ballad.

The perfect mix of her signature soulful style that millions know and love as well a touch of modern panache and poise, the project represents a rebirth for the songstress. At the same time, she poetically ponders activism, motherhood, sensuality, and life throughout the 10 tracks, ranging from the love ballad “Stay” and sexy swing of “$ecret” to the primal energy of “Power” and ethereal textures of the title track “Dreamseeker.”