After the recent success of his debut EP, ’The Night Shift’, UK R&B sensation Jordan King is back with a brand new video just for his Queens.

‘How To Love’ is a heartfelt track produced as a result of one of Kings’ personal love experiences. Having loved and lost, the song tells a story of regret, denial and the profession of true love.

“I wanted to write something that was open, real and honest,” adds King.

The repeated line ‘come home’ is the epitome of the songs message. Having found himself at the stage where he no longer wishes to play games King’s modern rendition of a love song tells a story we can all relate to.

“We all get to the point where we’re done pretending and we know where we’re supposed to be, after all home is where the heart is,” King goes on to add.

Staying true to his style, Kings video is reminiscent of the classic 90s R&B love story, with elegant yet simple shots bringing the story line to life.