marques houston mattress music

New Video: Marques Houston – Ghetto Angel (featuring iMX)

Well the timing on the release of this video is a bit odd; although “Matress Music” released just over six months ago, Marques was seemingly finished promoting it. However, from what I’ve been reading, the video is a prelude to bigger things as he has returned to his former group iMX has got back together and plans to record a new album together.


  • reneej says:

    This video is this I looooooooove Immature so much. I hope they come out with a new album

  • jbirch says:

    i really like this video…

  • haleyj says:

    do you know if there is a new album coming out from them? i have always been a huge immature fan…especially romeo!

    • Slam says:

      According to what I’ve read, they’ve got back together as a group and are going to release an album, so stay tuned!

  • jckiesmith says:

    i’ve always been an immature fan too…the video is cool but the song more than makes up for it…the song is very dope!

  • kj99 says:

    two thumbs up! it’s cool to see that these cats are still rockin together!