We’ve been tracking 17 year old up coming r&b talent Maurice for awhile now, marveling at each song he’s released over the past year. Check out his debut video, “Lift Off”.

17 year old rising star Maurice, releases his highly anticipated debut video today for “Lift Off”, the first single off his EP Paramount.

“Lift Off” is a lyrical masterpiece bringing the listener through a metaphorical journey of how lonely one’s rise to success can be without the love of their life fully supportive by their side. Top model Lauren Orosz is often in Maurice’s shadow while he’s at the forefront emphasizing his lyrics, “…’cause it burns like Mars when your love’s this far, the universe don’t see us together.”

“Lift Off” switches back and forth between an all-white backdrop to a smokey ambience providing the perfect temperament to the lyrical picture Maurice paints. In the video Maurice’s growing fan base also has the treat of glimpsing into his dance and showmanship ability. All in all, the high-school senior is buckling up for a busy summer and “Lift Off” is the perfect debut single for what will be a long successful career in the industry.