Melat has just released the new visual for her song “Revelation 8:2” which features a simple treatment with a very powerful message. Check out her statement about the song below.

A personal note from Mélat on the song:

I wrote Revelation 8:2 in the summer of 2014. It was included on the Move Me EP by me and Delicious Vinyl producer Jansport J before many of this years tragic and turbulent events took place. Pha and I came up with the treatment for the video on our two day drive from Texas to LA in late August. It’s simple. One location. One message. Black and white.The way I see it, this song is me, standing from the mountaintops sharing my thoughts on what is and what could be. ‘What is’ is the fact that my music is driven off love. Love as an idea/concept that inspires truth and compassion. I put out hope and truth in hopes that you and I may relate. ‘What could be’ is the acceptance of love as our collective future. I believe in the power of humanity to come together once barriers of ignorance, fear, and selfishness are taken down. However the realities of today indicate that we have a long way to go and that this message, regardless of how vital, is still a long way from being heard. So I grab my mic – my trumpet – and deliver this message as simply as I know how, while the world slowly crumbles beneath our feet: no frills, nothing extra.
Just me, a mic, and a message.