Miesa Unsaid

Emerging R&B singer MIesa has just released her new single “Unsaid”, the first single from her upcoming EP. The song was produced by Manzur Zafr and written by Jackson and Tiffany Fred. The soulful track features heartfelt lyrics as Miesa uses her silky voice to lament on a tough heartbreak.

The track was released via Siri Music Group/Orchard/Sony Music and gives fans a taste of what to expect from Miesa’s EP, where she will further explore the ups and downs of relationships. She adds:

“I’ve come to realize that without honesty, there really can be no closure, which is why this song feels so personal. We don’t always get to be honest with someone that we are in a relationship with and sometimes when we do, it’s already over.”

Over the past few years, Miesa has made her mark on the R&B/pop scene. Her “When Love…” EP debuted in top 10 on iTunes and her single “Overdrive” landed top 20 at Urban Radio. Fans can expect to hear more compelling music from Miesa as she wraps up her forthcoming EP and debut album featuring production from The Rascals, Happy Perez and KNT.