Tiffany Villarreal Woman

Veteran R&B singer Tiffany Villarreal takes a moment to celebrate women everywhere in the video for her latest single “Woman”.

The lyrics to the song go:

“I’m made of flesh and blood/But my super power comes from the one who’s love/So my legacy is worth its weight in gold/I carry life in this earth home for my soul/It takes a village and I’m building community/Only love here hate gets no entry/Never gonna settle cuz I know my worth/I’m much more than a pretty face and mini skirt”.

Villarreal adds about these lyrics:

Lyrics from the 1st verse of “Woman” I love these words that Taura Stinson and I wrote together. The inspiration behind these words comes from the woman I’ve always admired since the moment I read about her. The Lady in Proverbs 31.

This is the latest offering from her upcoming EP which is expected to release on March 8th. She had previously released another female empowerment song called “Love Me More” earlier this year.