Tyrese feat. Jennifer Hudson "SHAME" Music Video from Voltron Pictures on Vimeo.

Check out the new “Shame” video which stars Tyrese Gibson & Jennifer Hudson and is directed by Paul Hunter. “Shame” is the #1 most added song to radio in the country and is currently  #2 on Billboard.  

Gibson produced “Shame” alongside music legends Warryn Campbell, written by DJ Rogers Jr. with WhaWha Watson on guitar, and featuring vocals from the Academy Award winning and Grammy nominated, Jennifer Hudson. 

“Shame is my most transparent song to date. I wish I could say that the inspiration behind this was me breaking one heart, but I have broken many hearts from being a man who assumed that because you used the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ that I really knew what love was,” describes Gibson, “I discovered I knew nothing of what love is. You will grow through what you go through. I have put some beautiful hearts and innocent people through hell and I’m ashamed of it. That’s my truth,  and my truth  produced this moment. Please enjoy Shame.”