Vivian Green has just premiered the video for her latest single “Get Right Back to my Baby”. The Kwame produced song marks the first release from her upcoming album “Vivid” set to come out later this year. Additionally, Vivian revealed to YouKnowIGotSoul some exclusive details on the video and upcoming album.

“It may sound generic when an artist expresses their enthusiasm for a new project, but when an artist produces something new it is genuine cause for excitement. In the case of my forthcoming album Vivid and the lead single Get Right Back to my Baby, I am thrilled to share this music. Produced entirely by Kwame, this is the most energetic music I’ve ever recorded to date. It’s truly a breath of fresh air.  It’s lively, soulful and sultry at times, but never trendy. There couldn’t be a more perfect title than Vivid.

Working with Derek Blanks was just amazing. I am incredibly camera shy but he pushed me to try something different and leave my comfort zone. It is clearly my best video to date. I’m so excited to hear and see how people respond to it. It brings an already lively song to life! And of course it’s beautiful! That’s what Derek does.”