112 YouKnowIGotSoul 2014

Since 112’s final release “Pleasure & Pain” in 2005, fans yearning for a reunion may finally be getting their wish. Daron Jones, one of the original members of the group, hinted on Twitter last night that the group was headed for a reconciliation and new music was on the way:

“New 112 #Reconcile coming soon” Daron Tweeted. “The fans have spoken…. #112”

Since “Pleasure & Pain”, each of the four members has tried their hand at solo careers over the past few years with mixed results. Additionally, the group has performed select dates over that period of time, but usually without all of the members together at once. After all of these years, Daron appears very hopeful of a reconciliation, and was even in the studio last night with Mike.

“I just want to start where we left off….#112 #Reconcile”, before adding “LET’S BRING BACK SUM REAL MUSIC!!! CLASSIC 112 HEAT!!!”

However, these statements must also be taken lightly for now, as the timing doesn’t quite seem right for this type of reunion. Q. Parker is currently working towards the release of his solo album for release later this year with the single “Show Me How” out now. Additionally, there have been no indications from Slim, the members who’s had the most success since the split, that he’s ready to join 112 again.

UPDATE: According to Daron’s Twitter page, he has confirmed that Slim is definitely on board for the reunion of 112.

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