Producer J-Roc, who has been working closely with Timbaland since 2007, sat down with YouKnowIGotSoul to give us some details regarding Missy’s new album “Block Party”, which is set to come out sometime next year. This will be Missy’s first album in almost seven years.

“Missy is so secretive. I mean even when we do tracks for her, she kicks out of the room when she starts recording the vocals. She doesn’t even want us around, just like a woman *Laughs*. We had a meeting in New York last week with Atlantic and played a lot of the tracks that we worked on, not only ours but some other producers, and they were more than pleased. Now we’re just to the point where we’re picking and choosing which tracks she wants to put on the LP. We’re just weeding and seeding now. Once we pick those tracks, then we start the process of programming it and putting it all together. We’re going to go in and touch up on things and making everything make sense. If there are some tracks that she wants to be redo vocally, that happens during that process. During the mixing and overdub process. Right now she has tons of tracks that all have great potential to be on her next album.”

Despite a huge time gap between her “The Cookbook” and this upcoming album, J-Roc feels “Block Party” will remind listeners of the energy Missy brings to her music.

“This album is very important for her and we approach it as such. We want to make sure that we pick the right ones that will give Missy her old audience that same feeling when she first started out in the 90s and also introduce her to a new audience because this is a couple of generations later. You have a different listening audience. She’s been involved with some projects here lately with other artists that kind of keep her out there and voice out there, now she has a totally different listening audience. We have to approach it as such. I predict this album is going to be stupid, trust me. Missy is going to give her that energy that she’s been having. She hasn’t changed and she’s still Missy. When you see her, it’s like “Damn Missy you never change!” She doesn’t. She stays youthful, energetic and creative. And the girl can produce and if you put her in front of pro-tools, she can run that as well. Don’t sleep on her, she knows what she’s doing!”