Timbaland and Missy take a moment to speak with the fans about upcoming projects that they are working on and what people can expect from them in the near future. The most exciting news, of course, is the fact that Missy will be reuniting with Timbaland on her new album! Ever since the last Missy Elliott album (where Timbo only produced 2 songs), we haven’t seen a lot of Missy/Timbaland besides the underwhelming collabo with Ginuwine (“Get Involved”) and a few others. That is until Timbaland put out two Missy Elliott songs (“Take Ya Clothes Off” and “Warped”) for Timbaland Thursday which may or may not end up on Missy’s new album. She has announced that they are shooting a video for “Take Ya Clothes Off” so be on the lookout for that.

No word yet on when their albums are dropping. Let’s hope for music’s sake that it is sooner rather later.

So now that we know Missy and Timbaland are back together, what is your favourite collabo by them?