During the 90’s, it seemed like a new male R&B groups exploded onto the scene every other week. This led to a very competitive landscape in R&B and having a hit record was basically a necessity in order to stay alive. The group Ol’ Skool delivered on that as they’re remembered for their song “Set You Free” and the huge Xscape and Keith Sweat collaboration “Am I Dreaming”. After releasing their 1998 self-titled debut album as well as their follow-up album “R.S.V.P.”, the group seemingly disappeared from the scene. We catch up with the group to find out what happened to them after the second album and also discuss their highlights in the industry including penning the song “Share My World” for Dru Hill.

0:01:27 – Early beginnings
0:05:45 – Getting signed by the major label and Keith Sweat
0:11:34 – Working on debut album
0:17:00 – The success of “Am I Dreaming”
0:25:30 – Writing Dru Hill’s “Share My World”
0:28:17 – Working on the “R.S.V.P.” album
0:38:10 – Success of St. Louis with Nelly and Chingy
0:40:41 – Life after Ol’ Skool
0:49:17 – The passong of group member Jerome “Pookie” Lane