Today PJ Morton released his first EP for free entitled “Following My First Mind”. When we caught up with the Young Money signee a couple of months ago, he shared with us what to expect on the EP:

PJ Morton: It’s going to be a special record, there’s going to be some features, of course some from the YMCMB family. The same things I’ve been doing as far as instrumentation, just growing it, and stretching those creative boundaries. There’s going to be a lot of hard beats on there with the melodic string sections and me still playing piano and doing that type of thing. I’m excited about it though because I think it’s going to be, especially after the Maroon 5 thing, a mix of all of the things that I’ve been involved in. It will definitely be something different for the industry. “Following my First Mind”, that title is kinda my mantra right now. As creative beings I think we often hear something one way and second guess it for whatever reason, people will look at you or finances that will stop you from doing it as big as you want to do it. I think we need to get back to that mantra of doing exactly what we hear because that’s what makes us exactly who we are. That’s definitely how I’m approaching the music this time around, as I always have, but this time being more clear about that. Even in the new situation knowing that I’ll follow my first mind on this music that I hear and do what feels good to me and just pray that other people dig it!

You can download the EP for free here: