PJ Morton Smoke and Mirrors

PJ Morton presents music fans with another offering from his upcoming “Cape Town to Cairo” album. Check out the new single called “Smoke & Mirrors”.

The track is the opening song on the life-changing album he made during a 30-day trip to Africa. With no music, lyrics or preexisting material, he stepped foot onto the continent with a wild dream to fully write and produce his next LP in less than a month, and a mission to immerse himself in as many different cultures, stories and communities as he could. Recorded in Lagos, Nigeria and Johannesburg, South Africa, “Smoke & Mirrors” is about defying preconceptions, inspired by his time abroad and his experience in the music business.

PJ adds:

“I was asked so many questions before I went to Africa, I’ve been told so many things about Africa. Seeing for myself broke many of those narratives that I was told. I realized that perceptions usually depend on who is telling the story. This song is also inspired by my journey through the music industry.”

You can also check out the music video for the song which was filmed at a local tire shop in Atlanta, GA.

The “Cape Town to Cairo” album is set to release on June 14th.