PJ Morton Don't Let Go

R&B star PJ Morton gives a poignant take on mental health with the release of his new video “Don’t Let Go”.

The song was a standout on his most recently released album “Paul”. In between songs confronting the ignorance behind wanting to Make America Great Again, and advocating for minority ownership and independence, “Don’t Let Go” sings out against suicide and pushes for perseverance in the shadow of depression. 

PJ adds about the song, which features just his voice and a vocoder:

“‘Don’t Let Go’ I wrote as a modern hymn,” he says. “Growing up in church we sang hymns to help us feel better and encourage us. I realize that today so many people are going through things. ‘Don’t Let Go’ is just to encourage them that they aren’t alone and that they’re necessary.”

Beginning next month, PJ will bring the music to nearly 40 performances across the US, UK and Europe.