Raheem DeVaughn 2024

It’s been incredible to watch Raheem DeVaughn evolve as a creative over the past two decades. We’ve constantly praised him for his work ethic which is unmatched by just about any of his peers. He’s continued to put out new projects year after year while also honing his sound and giving us something high quality with each release.

Upon the release of his third project of 2023, we had a chance to catch up with him for another interview. During our conversation, we discussed all three projects he released this year, “Love Euphoria”, “Summer of Love”, and “Fall in Love”, his passion for continuing to create such high quality music, his upcoming tour with Ledisi, what he’s got in store for 2024, and much more.

YouKnowIGotSoul: You recently released your third project of the year with “Fall In Love”. Talk about the inspiration to put that project out.

Raheem DeVaughn: Just experimenting, having fun, challenging myself with the melodies and the words. I think it’s safe to say that everything I do now, whether it’s more soulful or the R&B side, it has a 90’s nostalgia to it, in a futuristic kind of way. Hopefully people hear the influences in there. Of course there is the Isley Brothers remake of “Let’s Fall in Love”, which I’ve always loved. I love their entire catalog, especially the ballads. I just felt like it just worked. I was on the fence about how I wanted it to feel. I approached it more from an acoustic vibe, and people have been checking for it and receiving it well. We go for adds for radio in the new year. I think it’s going to do well, we’re off to a great start. Shout out to BET for premiering the video.

YouKnowIGotSoul: When we listen to your music, we can tell that you love creating. You are never just going through the motions, but you are always giving us high quality music.

Raheem DeVaughn: For sure, I definitely love the creating. It’s been some challenges in the past, connecting what I want the visuals to look like, what I want the new me to look like, all of those things, and reinventing the music. That’s just one part of it along with reinvesting yourself as well. I’ve been enjoying that and being suited and booted, kind of growing into this grown sophisticated, mannish, at times with the lyrics, vibe. Making sure that the photos and the video content is cohesive. If you noticed the last couple of projects I’ve been very meticulous, to the point I might not put out photos or video content to support the music. The music has been thriving and doing what it’s doing organically, and coming to the shows and singing along. I think we kind of gracefully, and with the perfect timing, have figured that part of it out. It’s just me understanding I’m ready to be outside of the internet. I hope it’s resonating and people are seeing that with the rollout and the storyline. To be able to connect with young creatives and artistic thinkers, is what I’m excited about with the period I’m in, with this reinvention of Raheem DeVaughn.

YouKnowIGotSoul: Talk about your plans for 2024.

Raheem DeVaughn: There is a Marvin Gaye album coming. A body of work I can’t say exactly just yet. I’m looking to do some hip hop fusion stuff. I’ve got a call from one of the members of Wu-Tang about some things, that’s really exciting. It’s some things. I’m going to let things manifest. I will say look out for the Marvin Gaye album coming out in the near future. Definitely touring opportunities, and a lot of music coming. I’ve got a few Raheem DeVaughn Presents projects I’m looking to drop this year. I’ve been in the studio heavy with Tanya Nolan, which you can expect great things to come from that. She’s brought me in and trusts me with her art and craft. I’m excited about that in terms of writing. Of course the duet “Pace Yourself” was out last year and is still doing well. Those are a few things that I could talk about that I’m excited about. Some film and television stuff I’ve got coming in the pipeline as well. Just working, looking to create new partnerships to do strategic things. It’s always a work in progress.

Photo Courtesy of Rell Edmonds