This was my first time having the opportunity to see Raheem live, and coming into the show I already knew he was a great singer, but very soon I would find out how great of an entertainer he was as well! In an intimate setting like B.B. Kings, it’s not always easy for an artist to do more than just showcase their voice on stage. However, Raheem managed to find ways to take his music to the next level through methods such as singing while walking through the whole crowd, singing from atop the bar, even singing while laying down! Not only that, but he gave the crowd an extended set that lasted nearly two hours and included his biggest hits, covers of some r&b favorites, and cuts from his latest album “The Love & War Masterpeace.” If you ever have the chance to see him live, I highly recommend it, as this was easily one of the top r&b shows I’ve seen all year! Of course, if he’s not in your area any time soon, I managed to film most of the performance and you check out all the videos here. Click “Read More” for the rest of part 1.

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1) Revelations 2010
2) Woman
3) Guess Who Loves You More
4) Greatness
5) I Love You
6) Cadillac
7) Hopeless Romantic