Raphael Saadiq Presents Adrian Marcel “7 Days of Weak” (Mixtape) + “I’m Still” (Video)

Adrian Marcel 7 Days of Weak

When Raphael Saadiq calls an artist his protégé, people immediately pay attention. However, Republic Records/El Seven Recordings artist, Adrian Marcel is not simply resting on the backing of the musical genius. On his mixtape, 7 Days Of Weak Marcel proves why he is an artist that needs to be heard. The 15 track mixtape features an R&B sound reminiscent of the 80’s & 90’s with a modern twist touching on such topics as life and love. On the lead single, “Waiting” the new singer/songwriter displays a vulnerability that will surely strike a cord with listeners.

7 Days Of Weak is executive produced by Saadiq and is available for download on Live Mixtapes now. Take a listen to the young singer, which outlets such as Complex, VIBE and Centric are calling the next big thing in R&B.