Rare Gem: Aaliyah "Girlfriends" featuring Yaushameen

Aaliyah I Care 4 U Inside Booklet


Here is the story I found behind this song courtesy of Last.fm:

Timbaland and Playa’s record label, Blackground Records, was equally impressed and signed Yaushameen to a solo deal. She was ready to let the world see what she was about but also realized she needed to be patient and hone her skills. Her path of success continued with the meeting of Aaliyah through Static. Aaliyah, as with all who encountered Yaushameen, was impressed with her gift and wanted to put her on the next self-entitled Aaliyah album. Aaliyah and Aaliyah alone wanted to present Yaushameen to the world and hence the track ‘Girlfriends” was made. A sultry track about women’s empowerment, unfortunately it did not fit the vain of the Aaliyah record and did not make the final cut.

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