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Somewhere in between his classic self-titled platinum plus debut album and his hit multi-platinum “Exclusive”, a jewel got lost amongst the recording sessions and has yet to see its proper placement on a studio album. Yet when many hear of a song titled “You” by Chris Brown they tend to automatically think of the album “Exclusive” which had a track with the same title “You” and then “With You” as well. This unreleased “You” is a song with the same title but with a special place in the hearts of all the true Chris Brown supporters. The song itself cannot find too much distinction when searched to purchase, download or even just listen to other than adding the word “unreleased” added with the title “You” to your hunt or featured on a UNRELEASED titled mixtape. Upon hearing this awesome track with Chris crooning with heartfelt ad-libs over a smooth laced track with instrumentation and horns, it has become a personal favorite of mine that deserves more shine. It’s credited as co-written by Usher so we shouldn’t be surprised if this song ever ended up in the hands of a Justin Bieber, Khalil, Jawan Harris or Mishon in the near future. Take a listen to Chris Brown’s “You”.

Written by Ian Evans