Coming from New Haven, Connecticut Deborah Bond brings a very unique soultry sound to the music scene. “Keep On” was released on Deborah’s Debut album “Day After” in 2003. Three years later, Deborah released “After Day” a cutting edge remix version of her debut album. Along with her band 3rd Logic, Deborah has spent the majority of 2010 performing in events such as the “Luanda Jazz” festival in Angola, Africa. Deborah is rumored to be working on her “Madam Palindrome” Sophomore album, we hope to see it in stores very soon. To hear a sampler of her new album, please click here. We will keep on featuring Deborah’s music on YKIGS and hopefully get an interview with Deborah herself. To learn more about Deborah, you can follow her on Twitter @QueenZeb and visit her official page