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Rare Gem: Jermaine Paul “Ready to Fall in Love”

I was introduced to Jermaine Paul’s music by a reader of the blog, and I must say I’m impressed! Just another reason I love doing this blog, it gives me the opportunity to interact with other music lovers and find new music. Here’s a short bio I found on Jermaine if you aren’t familiar:

At 15, Paul joined a quartet group named 1Accord signing to basketball star Shaquille O’Neal’s label, Twisim Records. He began writing and producing songs of his own. Paul also began recording backing vocals for artists such as Mary J. Blige, Joss Stone, Blackstreet and Jaguar Wright.

In 2001 Paul joined a band named Focus. He began traveling internationally as an opening act and background vocalist to Alicia Keys. He was hand picked by Keys out of the crowd one night at a club in New York to come onstage for an impromptu performance for her. She was so impressed with his talent that she later invited him to become one of her background singers. Since then, they have had numerous collaborations.