jon b 5

In our first ever interview with Jon B., he told us about a rare song he did with Hi-Tek called “Lifted”. We were eventually able to track down the song, called “Lifting Me Up”, and it’s a really unique collab. It’s also cool to see Jon talk about his admiration for J-Dilla and how he considers himself a DJ.

But there’s a track called “Lifted” that I did with Hi-Tek, DJ Hi-Tek, and he’s one of my favorite hip hop producers, you know? Right along with J Dilla rest in peace, I wish I woulda got a chance to work with him. But the closest thing we have, and just as soulful is my man Hi-Tek, he’s always been nice with the beats. That was an honor to do that. We also had another song called “One for Life” that we did together. You might look out for these records anywhere you hear them, for the real die hard fans out there who just love the music, love that good music, that’s what up. I’m a lover of good music whether I produce or whether someone else produces it. I like to think of myself as a DJ too, and I just appreciate music.