Lil Mo Based on a True Story Album Cover

“Starstruck” is a currently unreleased song by Lil Mo featuring Missy Elliott that was set to appear on her debut album “Based on a True Story”. As the story goes, Mo had recorded a complete album to be released on Elektra Records in the late 90’s, however the label was not happy with the performance until the first singles including “5 Minutes” and “Ta Da”. The original project was scrapped, and Mo recorded new material that was eventually released following the success of “Superwoman Part II” featuring Fabolous.

Of course, Nicole Wray has collaborated extensively with Missy Elliott through the years, and it was Missy who was one of the first to discover her. She began contributing music to Missy Elliott’s artist Nicole Wray for her debut album “Make it Hot”, and was featured on the breakout single “Hot Boyz”.

Currently, Lil Mo released her latest album “The SCARlet Letter” late last year.