Lil Mo Superwoman

“You ever wonder why Lil’ Mo’s hit record “Superwoman (Part 2)” was called part 2??? Well here is the first version that I did with my talented sister Mo. This joint was never released but I have always loved this version and couldn’t find it until I went to a record store in LA and saw it and couldn’t believe it!! I had to buy it. I converted it to a mp3 and now it is here for your listening enjoyment. This is one of my favorite productions and Mo is sick on that pen!” – Bryan Michael Cox

The Beanie Sigel fans may recognize the beat as it is on his song “Stop, Chill”. We asked B-Cox about it and he told us: “I used the same sample. ‘Stop, Chill’ was my shit. So I researched and found the loop then made the beat for Superwoman Part 1.”